Safaga Shore Excursions

Safaga Shore Excursions

Our Safaga Shore Excursions Your Solution for a Short Vacation

There is only one universal truth which is life is short, so if you found yourself in Safaga Port with a free day or two on your hands, then our Safaga shore excursions give you a solution to use them wisely and follow the secret whispers of beauty and wonder in Cairo & Luxor with our tours from Safaga Port. Discover the breathtaking allure and grandeur of Cairo like the great Giza Pyramids complex and the house of mystery the Egyptian Museum, and witness the breathtaking landmarks of the ancient city of Luxor where the art and holiness elevate to a whole new level in Valley of the Kings, Karnak temple, and Hatshepsut temple. So don’t hesitate to book your life-changing experience through our Safaga shore excursions with a high level of services and tour guides.

If you looking for long Egypt tours, then check our Egypt tour packages and choose your dream vacation.

Queen Hatshepsut Temple - Day Tours from Safaga to Luxor - Egypt Tours Portal

Day Tour from Safaga to Luxor

Enjoy a magnificent experience in upper Egypt joining a private Egyptologist tour guide for one day tour from Safaga to
5.005.00 / 15 reviews
Dandara Temple | Tour to Dandara and Abydos | Safaga Shore Excursions

Tour to Dandara and Abydos Temples from Safaga Port

Safaga Shore Excursions, enjoy a Private day tour to Dandara and Abydos temples from Safaga Port. Dandara temple was dedicated
Hatshepsut Temple - Day Tours from Safaga to Luxor - Egypt Tours Portal

2 Days Tours from Safaga to Luxor

Enjoy a private 2 days tours from Safaga to Luxor accompanied by a private Egyptologist tour guide to discover Ancient Egyptian
5.005.00 / 8 reviews
Overnight Trips from Safaga to Cairo and Luxor - Egypt Tours Portal

2 Days Cairo & Luxor Tours from Safaga Port

It's a dream to witness the stunning landmarks in Cairo and Luxor, so we provide an incredible two days tours
5.005.00 / 7 reviews
Safaga Shore Excursions | Tours from Safaga Port

Snorkeling Trip from Safaga Port

Enjoy a fantastic Snorkeling Trip from Safaga Port, where we will do snorkeling in different spots in the red sea
Diving in The Red Sea from Safaga Port | Shore Excursions from Safaga Port

Discover Scuba Diving from Safaga Port

Enjoy scuba diving from Safaga Port in the red sea as you will get one dive in the morning and
Safaga Shore Excursions | Safaga Port Day Tours

Super Safari by quads from Safaga Port

Safaga port day tours to enjoy Safari trip, enjoy a quad bike followed by a camel ride and finally a