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Egypt Tours Portal Quality Standards

Trust is a powerful thing, especially when dealing with a travel agency and there is no other company in Egypt that understands that more than “Egypt Tours Portal” as shown by our reviews and history. From the moment any traveler thinks about becoming one of the clients, this person or persons become under the supervision of an integrated system that seeks to provide every possible answer, fulfill every single requirement and need and create the most epic vacation.

All of our clients experience the ultimate care and professionalism from the moment they contact us until they have returned home safely. “Egypt Tours Portal” is the key to explore a living wonder and our company Quality Standards is the manual on how everything is operated, so if you are interested in understanding the components of your tour then check the following points below:-

1- The Tour Guides of Egypt Tours Portal

Our Tour Guides are the key to unlocking and revealing all the secrets and information regarding all the miracles of Egypt that's why the quality of any tours is mainly depended on the quality of the tour guide. Egypt Tours Portal Tour Guides are praised of being the best in the business because our hiring process is very extensive that follows certain rules such as:

  • All our Tour Guide must have at least 6 years of experience in the field.
  • All our Tour Guide must be a college graduate.
  • All our Tour Guide are registered at the Ministry of Tourism and Egypt Tour Guides Syndicate.
  • All our Tour Guide must be fluent in a certain foreign language which includes English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and more.
  • All our Tour Guide have passed a series of interviews where their Personality traits will be examined to prove they are natural communicators, trustworthy, friendly and resourceful.
  • All our Tour Guides are very informative so they will have to pass a test about all the historical attractions and the history of ancient Egypt.

2- The Tour Operators of Egypt Tours Portal

Behind the scenes are a team of highly qualified individuals that work tirelessly to perfect every single part of your tour and make all your demands a reality. Our tour Operators are easily reachable, highly professional with years of experience in the business and ready 24/7 to help you in any shape or form. From the moment any client sends a request to us, a private tour operator will handle all of your demands read all of your inquiries, arrange your international flight timing, book your accommodations, organize your domestic transportation in order to have the best possible tour itinerary that matches your needs and your availability. Every single action taken by our tour operators is for your best interest and sometime they would give out different and better optional so you would have a great time. Our Care for you limited as you aren’t just a customer, instead, you are a new member of our international family. Our Tour Operators are with you every step of the way of updating you on all of your booking procedures until you receive all of the necessary information before your arrival. So always know in your heart that you will be in save hands while deciding to book with “Egypt Tours Portal”.

3- Check Our Transportation Quality Standard

One of the most important ingredients of any travel tour is transportation which will consume a big part of your vacation time, that's why all of our vehicles are highly advanced and operated by skilled drivers. All the transportation means are very efficient and equipped with all the means to make every single transfer very comfortable and suitable for every elderly, adult, child, and infant.

1- For Our Vehicles

We always make sure that we use the finest branded air-conditioned vehicles with professional drivers. Vehicles are chosen based on the number of travelers and the type of required tour. We always keep updating our vehicles to get the safest and desirable ones for our dear guests. Among the used vehicles in Egypt to be transferred from a city to another, you will find:

2- Planes

The most important thing about the flights is choosing the scheduled flights not the charter ones in order not to get shocked regarding a sudden cancellation for your flight, an overbooked flight, or to face some horrible services on the board of your plane. We always book the scheduled ones that have a more reliable timing and this can be concluded in “Star Alliance” airlines like Egypt Air, Air Cairo. There are also other airlines that we operate based on the availability of domestic flights such as Nile Air and Fly Egypt.

3- Trains

For short distances transfers, we always use trains to save your money and to enjoy a totally wonderful experience. We always book the best 1st class trains to our guests who are going to be transferred for example from Aswan to Luxor or vice versa. But on long distances, we don’t recommend trains at all as they aren’t suitable nor convenient for our guests.

4- Accommodations of “Egypt Tours Portal”

The vacation is as comfortable and luxurious as the accommodation, that's why the most positive reviewed hotels and Nile cruises will be part of every traveler arrangement. Our booking department seeks to know the most favorable types of hotels which our guests would like to be accommodated in and check their availability then start the booking procedures immediately to get the best availability for our guests. We also keep checking with our guests after their arrival regarding their welfare, and their feedback about the hotels that we booked for them plus we do our best so that our guests will be treated like a real pharaoh in their second country “Egypt”.

Hotels rating in Egypt aren't the same as in the USA or Europe as the classification is local and not international. So, as a professional wise, we always recommend 5* or luxury 5* Hotels accommodation. As some 5* hotels seem like 4* according to our tourists' Feedback. The 3* Hotels aren't recommended at all as a lot of guests complained about them and your satisfaction is actually is all that really matters.

5- Tour Management and How it is Work? of Egypt Tours Portal

The management of an entire tour is like cooking a delicious recipe that requires the precise management of certain tools and ingredients with care and professionalism which are professional tour guides, incredible attractions, the best vehicles, the finest tour operators, and the most comfortable accommodations in order to leave a heavenly taste that will last in your heart and soul for eternity. The process begins when our guest chooses a specific tour then we start to check everything before even receiving the deposit to make sure that everything will be exactly like what our guest requires. Then after having the confirmation of the guest, we start the booking procedures, keeping our guest updated regarding all of the booking details to make sure everything follows the requirements of the client.

We create a personal account for our guest that includes all the booking procedures which always get updated with any new booking information so our guest has a look at all of his bookings to make sure that everything is totally clear and on point. One of the main reason we are the best in the business is our management process; as our tour operators keep in touch with the guest a couple of days before his / her arrival to inform the guest of the timing of each pickup & drop off transfers, tour guides information, hotels location, and accommodation information plus across their stay in Egypt till the moment they return home.

6- Egypt Tours Portal Security Procedures

There is simply nothing more important than the safety and welfare of every single member of our guests. From the moment you contact us, every single piece of information exchanged between the client and the tour operator will be stored, safeguarded, and only accessible by that same tour operator and the client only. On the ground you will find our employee from the moment of your arrival to Cairo international airport waiting with a sign of our travel agency to assist you in finishing all of your formal procedures smoothly and then after finishing, you will meet our tour guide with the driver waiting for you to transfer you to your hotel to check-in. Each day, you are accompanied by your Egyptologist tour guide who won’t leave you at all in order not to face any undesirable situation and then we transfer you to your destination. Every second spent in Egypt will be under our watchful eye to ensure that your vacation is nothing more than precious and joyful memories.

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