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Egypt Tours Portal Services

We are proud to have the  best team of professional tour operators, tour guides, accountants, drivers, and so many others who are experienced in the field of tourism and have all of the necessary information regarding how to arrange a trip from A to Z and we will be more than happy today to introduce some of the services we provide to our clients:

1- Accommodation Services

Steigenberger Nile Palace Hotel - Egypt Tours Portal

Based on the demands and requirements of our dear guests, we start our hotel bookings based on their requests. We choose for each destination the most recommended hotels based on the reviews & the feedback of the previous travelers to make sure that we offer the best choices to our clients. In general, we have three categories for hotels in Egypt that we work with and they are "the 4* hotels, the 5* standard hotels, and the 5* luxury hotels". We don't deal with anything less than the 4* hotels as it is not comfortable nor convenient to any of Egypt's visitors. So we offer the price for each of the mentioned categories and make sure that our clients are aware of the hotels which are included in each category and let the final decision for our guests. That way, we save our clients from lots of hotel reservations and make sure that we get the best options that match the needs of our customers based on their initial requests. That is not all as we can also offer our packages prices excluding the hotels if the guest is required to book them on his/her own. So our accommodation services are without a doubt, the best in the field of tourism and highly recommended by other travelers.

2- Flight Reservation Services

Flight Reservation Services - Egypt Tours Portal

Since the majority of travel packages that can be arranged in Egypt include a domestic flight from Cairo to Luxor/Aswan/Hurghada/ or to Sharm El-Sheikh, our booking department is specialized in booking the best domestic flight schedules that guarantee to get the best timing of flights that matches the travelers whatever their ages are and we also keep in mind the duration of each day tour, transfers, hotels check-in and out and all of the other elements that enable us to choose the best flight timing. We are an IATA accredited travel agency and that is how we offer cost-effective flight reservations to any destination in Egypt. So it is assured that you will be able to get the best package price including the reservation of your domestic flights if included. Regarding your international flights, feel free to book them on your own or to let us book them for you.

3- Our Tour Guide Services

Egypt Tours Portal Customer Group

We are blessed to have some of the most experienced Egyptologist tour guides all over Egypt. They know the exact sites that can't be missed for any traveler, how to arrange the duration of each day tour to allow any guest to spend as much time as possible, and they also know the best optional tours to suggest for travelers. We have tour guides who speak English, Spanish Italian, German, French, and lots of other languages and this is best for communication between our guests and our tour guides. Moreover, they are really flexible and will listen to all of your requirements to provide you with the best possible experience.

4- Transportation Services

Sharm El Sheikh Transfers - Egypt Tours Portal

Egypt Tours Portal travel agency is famous for its new branded air-conditioned vehicles that are used by a group of the most expert drivers. We chose the car type and size to best match the number of travelers and the type of the tour in the different Egypt destinations. We use now the most recommended vehicles with different models of 2024 and 2025 and we keep updating the models to offer the best services to our guests especially for long-distance transfers. We also provide Airport transfers for any International/domestic flights in Egypt. So even if you aren't booking a tour package with us, you can contact us to arrange the necessary transfers for you {Airports or any other transfers between the Egyptian cities}.

5- Nile Cruise Services

Jaz Senator Nile Cruise - Egypt Tours Portal

We are proud to say that we are among the elite who arrange the most fascinating Nile Cruise experiences all over Egypt. We have a wide selection of both 5*  deluxe Nile Cruises and also the 5* luxury ones. When a customer requests a package that includes a Nile cruise tour, we check the dates and get the best available options for our dear clients and let the choice for them to choose between the different Nile Cruise categories. You can choose between the 3 nights Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor, the 4 nights Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan, or the 7 nights Nile Cruise tour from either Luxor or Aswan on different dates based on your desire and you can also choose to visit Abu Simbel or not based on what you need and we have the flexibility to customize your program accordingly.

6- Our Itinerary Services

Customer of Egypt Tours Portal at Giza Pyramids

You can consider that the tour itineraries published on our website are guide programs that you can check and get some ideas regarding what you can visit & enjoy while being in Egypt. Our tour operators who will be in contact with you since the moment you send us a request will be very flexible and will know from your side all of your inquiries, needs, and requirements and they will provide you at the end with what you can call "A perfect plan" based on the sites you want to visit, the age of your group, the date of your tour, and the activities you want to enjoy. You will also find that they are always available day & night under your services. Mail isn't the only available means of communication as you can be in touch via WhatsApp or Viber due to the time difference and you will always find us available at your service.

7- Secured Payment Services

Secured Payment Services - Egypt Tours Portal

Since online payment has also been an issue for anyone and can stop any traveler from confirming the booking, we are using a very secure method of receiving any amount of our guests online without having any access to the card you are using. So you will be the one who has access to your {Credit/debit} card details and send only the required amount of money with no extras at all since the invoice will be created with a specific amount of money you are acknowledged within advance. We use that way to confirm the booking of any of our tour packages by requesting 25% of the total cost as a deposit and the remaining amount to be paid upon your arrival either in cash or via your credit card with an extra 3% as bank fees.

8- Credibility with Our Clients

Customers of Egypt Tours Portal at Giza Pyramids

While dealing with our clients, we don't deal as if they are just business but we deal with them as lifetime friends and parts of our everlasting family and that is why we always make sure that we commit any word we mention in our emails/chats between our guests. If there is any flight schedule change or anything similar to this, we make sure that we inform our guests and check with him/her the best option to go for as we are absolutely sure that this may be the only time for any guest to get the chance to visit Egypt and we keep doing the best we can to make it a really memorable one.

9- PCR Services

PCR Test for Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

Since a PCR test is almost a must at the airlines to be able to get back home and because your safety is all that matters, we have signed a contract with an accredited laboratory to do the test without even going to a laboratory and being in danger of getting infected with the virus.  As we will send a representative from the laboratory to your hotel in Cairo to do the test and will deliver the result for you and that is how we will save your time & health. So if you are required to have a negative PCR test with you for your departure, just let us know and it is going to be our responsibility to arrange everything for you.

10- Special Services

Customers of Egypt Tours Portal

Egypt has always been the best-chosen destination to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, Easter, Christmas, wedding proposals, etc. And if you have a special occasion to celebrate while being in Egypt, you are in the right place as we have specialists who can help you to prepare the most breathtaking events. Just inform us of the type of arrangements needed and we will make sure that you get the best of what can be offered.

11- Visa Services

Visa Services - Egypt Tours Portal

For the nationalities who are allowed to obtain their visas right upon their arrival to Egypt, our representatives are there for your assistance and they will finish all of the formalities for you. You will just pay for your entry visa. Regarding the ones who should apply for their visas in advance, once they confirm their booking with us, we will send the invitation letter, hotel confirmation, and the tour itinerary that can be used to apply for the visa easily and smoothly. So the entry visa to Egypt won't be an issue with us at all whatever your nationality is.

12- Emergency Services

Emergency Services - Egypt Tours Portal

We are always committed to the safety & wellbeing of our clients while being in Egypt and for any emergency issues, our guests will find us available 24 hours for the 7 days of the week for any emergency services and we will act in a professional way to solve any issue and to get the full satisfaction of our guests.

13- Call Services

Contact Us - Egypt Tours Portal

With us, no need to worry about any international calls as once you need us, you can request us to call you and we will be ready to assist you through calling and discussing the most proper options for you. We can talk via WhatsApp, Viber, or directly via a phone call so never hesitate to ask us to contact you.

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