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Our Terms & Conditions

Booking Conditions

1. How to Book A Tour?

Kindly we would like to clarify that prices mentioned on our website are quoted per person and you can easily book your tour with us online. All of your personal information will be treated as confidential information and won’t be used in anything except for your agreed on bookings. We will put all of your inquiries and demands into high consideration to arrange the most desirable tour for you. You can simply contact us via mail or by telephoning our reservation department who are always ready to answer all of your questions and assist you during the arrangement part. After arranging your tour and having everything ready to start the booking procedures, a deposit will be required from you at the time of your booking so that we start your booking procedures and get everything ready for you. That deposit depends on the number of travelers and the necessary booking of your tour and it usually represents 25% of the total cost of your tour. You can send us your deposit in a very easy way which is sending you a secured payment link which you can use to send us the required money via any of your Credit/Debit cards. We also accept bank & Western Union transfers. So feel free to choose the most suitable way for you to send us the deposit and once we receive it, we shall start your bookings and issue a confirmation email with receiving the money. Before your arrival, we will provide you with the whole necessary information regarding your bookings including the names of your hotels / Nile Cruise, domestic flight tickets, your tour guides names & phone numbers, and the final tour itinerary. Regarding the remaining of your payment, it shall be paid upon your arrival to Egypt to your tour guide. Feel free to pay it in cash or via your card but in this case, there will be an extra 3% bank fees.

2. Credit & Debit Cards

You can pay the price of your tour via either your Credit or debit card and kindly notice that based on any of them, there will be an extra 3% bank and kindly notice that for the deposit you are going to send to us, there won’t be 3% bank fees and you won't pay anything more than the agreed-on deposit. Kindly also notice that any items not included in your tour, you can simply pay for them on your own including your International airfare, travel insurance, tipping optional excursions, porters, and any of your personal expenses. Most of the tourist shops, cafés, and restaurants in Egypt accept credit/debit cards, and based on this it is highly recommended not to carry lots of cash with you as you can withdraw any amount of money from any ATM in Egypt.

3. Passports & Visas

Travelers who would like to spend their vacation in Egypt should apply for a visa to be able to enter the country. Some nationalities have the ability to obtain their visas right upon their arrival to Egypt, others must get it in advance before their arrival otherwise they won’t be able to enter the country, and for other nationalities, they can simply enter Egypt without having a visa. You should let us know your exact nationality as mentioned on your passport so that we check everything for you and let you know what exact procedure you need to take. You can also check our article regarding Visas & Passports to have a closer look at every nationality and its state from having a visa "Egypt Travel Visa" There is also something called E-Visa and it is such a wonderful service offered to lots of travelers from all around the world to be able to get their visa online without any need to head to the Egyptian Embassy in their countries or stand in long lines. That service is also limited to specific nationalities and our detailed article will have all of the necessary information about this point. If you are allowed to have your visa upon your arrival, kindly note that it costs 25 USD per person and you can easily pay for it in cash. You should also check the validity of your passport as it must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of your arrival to Egypt. This is a very important matter to put in mind before inquiring for an E-visa as if you paid its cost online, it will be non-refundable for any reason. You should also check the validity of your passport as it must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of your arrival to Egypt. This is a very important matter to put in mind before inquiring for an E-visa as if you paid its cost online, it will be non-refundable for any reason. We as a travel agency can provide you with the general information you need to know about but you must check requirements for your own specific circumstances with the relevant consulates or embassies. We won’t be responsible for any costs, damages, or losses that may happen for your failure in obtaining the necessary formal papers.

4. Health Recommendations

You need to check if there are any health or vaccination requirements you need to have before traveling to any country. Regarding traveling to Egypt, It is not a big issue to have specific vaccinations or not but the WHO & the CDC have recommended the following vaccinations to travel to Egypt just to be in the safe side: mumps, rabies, shingles, chickenpox, hepatitis A & B, and Influenza. Rather than this, it is totally secured to travel to Egypt and there is nothing to worry about.

5. Tour Prices

The tour prices mentioned on our website are quoted per person in USD and kindly we would like to clarify that they have only guided prices not the final tour prices as you should first contact us, let us know the exact number of travelers, the required tour package & date of the tour, and then we will check the availability and costs for you based on hotels & domestic flight tickets and based on this, we will offer you the best affordable tour price. You also need to consider that our prices that are mentioned on our website are based on the lowest available airfares at the time of publication but the date you want to have your tour in will be the major factor in determining the final tour price. To secure the best price for your required tour and to take advantage of lower flight prices, you should book with us as early as possible because the nearer to your date of arrival, the higher your bookings may be which will lead to increasing the price of your holiday. Once the actual price of your tour is determined, it will be a final one and there won’t be any extra charges, taxes, or fees of any kind for any tours included in your tour price.

6. Accommodation

Kindly notice that the prices mentioned on our website are quoted per person based on shared occupancy in a double room with a king-size bed or two queens according to your request. Standard rooms in Egypt contain twin beds and if there are only a few rooms with a king-size bed so you need to be so cleared regarding your request in advance before we start your booking procedures to be able to apply your requests. If you want to have a specific bed configuration, kindly feel free to ask for whatever you want and we will do our best to accommodate all of your requirements. Kindly put in mind that special requests are subjected to availability and they may lead to extra supplements. We mention our accommodation list once you contact us to request a tour package and once you confirm your booking and choose from our accommodation categories, we will check the availability for you and get you a hotel from the same category. If there are special requests for any upgrading and if there is no availability for the class you have chosen, then we will inform you and wait for your decision about it. Hotel accommodation in Egypt in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria is based on bed and breakfast and regarding your lunch meal, it will be served during your tours. Nile Cruises accommodation in Egypt is based on full board so you will have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals on board. All hotels in the coastal side in Egypt like Hurghada, Sharm El-sheikh, El-Gouna, and Marsa Alam are based on all-inclusive so you will have your three meals in addition to soft drinks & snacks. Each room & Cabin in Egypt’s 5* Hotels & Nile Cruises has its own impressive amenities that make each traveler his own stay just like having a TV screen, an air-conditioner, a private bathroom, hairdryer, telephone, etc. Travelers also enjoy the best amenities & facilities on the different amazing hotels & Nile Cruises in Egypt including the swimming pools, sauna, gym, and much more wonderful services. As a travel agency, we really care about choosing the best for our guests and we always discuss all those matters during the booking procedures.

Kindly Note that all accommodation and domestic flights are subject to any modifications at any time and the final situation of these two items is to be determined within 7 days prior to your arrival date.

7. In Case of Natural Disasters

Please bear in mind that from time to time, facilities of the hotels, restaurants, optional tours may be withdrawn because of the weather conditions, some maintenance requirements, some modifications or upgrading so in case of any changes, we will let you know in advance and you have the right to do whatever you like. In case of any natural disasters just like earthquakes, hurricanes, diseases, and so on, we will do our best to handle the situation for you and find the best solution in case of canceling any of the included tours.

8. Abbreviations

There are some well-known abbreviations in Egypt that are used in the field of tourism and tourists need to know them to be able to communicate in a successful way and here are the most important of them:

  • PP: Per Person
  • B&B: Bed and Breakfast
  • B. Meal: Breakfast Meal
  • L. Meal: Lunch Meal
  • D. Meal: Dinner Meal
  • AD: Adult
  • CH: Child
  • RO: Room Only
  • SC: Self Catering
  • HB: Half Board
  • FB: Full Board
  • AI: All-Inclusive.

9. Travelers with Disabilities or Medical Problems

Travelers with disabilities are very welcomed to Egypt and as a professional travel agency; we do confirm that we do arrange all of your travel arrangements in the best possible way to enjoy your best vacation in the land of Pharaohs.  To ensure that you will have a comfortable & a safe holiday, kindly let our operation team knows before confirming your bookings if you or any member of your family has and disability to check the best options for you and we will instruct you towards the best things to do or not to do. There are hotels & Nile Cruises in Egypt available for disabled and kindly note that if there are any special requirements you need, extra supplements may be applied based on your requests. Letting us know in advance the whole information regarding your disability won’t prevent you or anyone from participating in the tour with us but will allow us to take additional precautions to guarantee the safety of all members in your groups. If there are any specific medicines that you take, kindly bring them with you with the prescriptions of your doctor as it is not guaranteed to have the same medicine under the same name here in Egypt. Kindly also note that if we are unable to accommodate any of your needs, we will be very honest with you and we won’t confirm your booking with us until we let you know the whole situation and you have the absolute right to confirm or not. If you are having any pre-existing conditions like diabetes, cancer, pregnancy, heart problems, mobility problems, gastric reflux or anything like that, you should visit a doctor so that you get a medical clearance that certifies that you are able to participate in the required tour as we mainly don’t and won’t be able to provide you with the necessary medical advice and you should be the one who assesses the whole risks based on your medical requirements, unique circumstances, fitness level, and limitations.

10. Smoking Restrictions

The best thing about Egypt is that there are special areas for smokers and non-smokers in almost every place so that you choose the most suitable place for you to stay. Even at hotels and Nile Cruises, there are special areas for smokers and others for children and non-smokers that are far away from the smokers’ areas prepared for sensitive travelers against smoke.

11. Special Requests

Because you are a special guest, we adore special requests that let us know that you aren’t a regular guest but you are someone who seeks uniqueness and passion in every place he heads to. We are open to negotiate with you any of your special requests and let you know which ones are good and which ones aren’t very recommended based on our experience in the field of tourism. For example, you may want to try the sleeper train from Cairo to Luxor or Aswan may be to have such an experience and to have a good price but it is our duty to inform you that it is not advisable as you won’t feel comfortable during your accommodation and there won’t be a big gap in the price from the train and the plane especially if you have children with you.

12. Transfers

Any tour package we suggest includes the transfers from and to the attractions included in our tour itinerary so you may be transferred in private cars, trains, planes, horse carriages, or Nile Cruises based on which itinerary you would like to go for. We always choose the most modern vehicles for our guests to feel comfortable during their transfers from the place to another and of course tell them the duration of each transfer far away before their confirmation of the booking in order to have an overall view about the tour they are going to have and which vehicles we will use.

13. Some Travel Tips

There are some major travel tips that visitors to Egypt need to consider and put in mind while planning a tour to Egypt and here are the most essential ones among them:

  • Don't carry lots of cash with you
  • Check Weather in Egypt
  • Pick with you suitable clothes
  • Read about the most interesting attractions & landmarks to visit in Egypt.
  • Know some of the traditions & customs of the Egyptians.
  • Search for what are the best traditional meals to enjoy in Egypt.
  • Read about the interesting festivals & celebrations that are held in Egypt every year and try to attend some of them.
  • Do the best activities while having a tour in Egypt just like having a camel ride in Giza, having a dinner Cruise in Cairo, enjoying a hot air balloon in Luxor, and much more than this.
  • Your tour guide must be a professional Egyptologist one to reveal the best of Egypt and we do confirm that you will enjoy the most magnificent trip ever with our expert guides.
  • Get your personal items with you just like your cell phone, camera, sunglasses, hat, etc.

For more tips regarding planning a tour to Egypt, kindly check our article "Egypt Travel Tips".

1. Booking & Payments

Kindly we would like to clarify that the person who is going to make an online or a telephone reservation must be over 18 to have a successful booking and that the person who makes the reservation need to read & accept all of our policies to guarantee that everything is accepted for you and to allow us to start your booking procedures. To make sure that you are confirming a booking with us, a deposit must be sent to us as we will mention and it represents 25% of the total cost of the tour. Once the deposit is received, we will start your booking procedures based on the date of your required tour as by then we will make sure that you are a serious person and looking for a tour in Egypt. There is some information we require from your side to do all of your bookings accordingly including the following points:

  • Your full names {First + Last Names} as mentioned in the passports.
  • Your Dates of Birth.
  • Your Nationalities.
  • Your Passport Numbers.
  • Your Arrival & Departure flight details "Number – Date – Time – Airline".
  • Once you send us the deposit, we will require a copy of the payment receipt.

All of your bookings will be arranged in an organized way and you will be notified with the whole details once everything is arranged. So you will receive from our side your final tour itinerary attached to your domestic flights, and the list of your hotel & Nile Cruise accommodation based on the tour itinerary you are booking. If there is any mistake from our side, it is our responsibility to fix any issue and to rectify any mistake but in case the mistake is yours for example in writing wrong information within the list of our requirements, then kindly understand that you must meet any costs involved in correcting any mistakes. So to avoid such a thing, kindly revise the information you send us more than once and it is going to be a very important thing from your side to revise the final itinerary we send you along with the domestic flight tickets’ details so that if there are any mistakes, we get the chance to fix them otherwise, you may find difficulties in Egypt while having your tour. The required deposit can be received by Credit/ Debit cards but not in an American Express. You can also send us the required deposit via our bank account or Western Union and you can choose the most suitable payment method for you.

2. Our Price Policy

Regarding the prices mentioned on each of our tour itineraries on the website, kindly notice that they are quoted per person in USD $ and they are guided price as each season has its own costs in Egypt and of course, we must check first the number of travelers and the required date of the tour to be able to send you an offer for your tour package with the most reasonable rate. There are some special offers we give in some special events in Egypt just like the sales of "Black Friday" and kindly notice that the price we mention to you is based only on that event and can’t be compared with any season during the rest of the year. To get the best possible offer and to guarantee the availability of your bookings, we highly recommend that you book your tour as early as possible as once you send us the deposit of the required tour, you will guarantee that the price won’t increase by any means. There is also something you need to take care of which is being a solo traveler means that your tour price will be totally different from the one mentioned on our website as our guided prices are based on shared occupancy with either a large bed or twin beds or even three beds for two or three travelers together. In case you would like to upgrade your accommodation at any time before your arrival for example to a Pyramids/Sea/Nile view room or to a suite, a supplement will be applicable and it depends on the availability. The most essential thing about our tour prices is that they include all taxes so you won’t need to pay any extras while being in Egypt with us except for your personal expenses. We send our guests a detailed itinerary with all of the necessary information regarding what their tour includes & excludes and each traveler has the right to ask about any kind of information he or she may think of before booking any tour with us.

3. Cancellation Policy

If you or any member of your party want to cancel your booking with us or even any part of it once it has been confirmed, you must send us a formal request by mail mentioning what exactly you would like to do. If one or more members canceled their booking, the price will be increased for the rest of the travelers as we quote originally based on the number of travelers and give the best possible prices and if the number of the participants got decreased then the price will increase. If we already started the booking procedures and paid for the group booking, then there will be charges that can be deducted from the deposit we received from your side or to be sent separately by the members who canceled or even to be paid with the rest of the total cost upon the arrival of the travelers. To know our exact cancellation policy for both the high season "Including Christmas, New Year, and Easter Holidays" and the dead season, kindly Click here to check our detailed cancellation policy article.

4. Change the Passenger’s Name

Kindly we would like to clarify that the name you will supply us with to book accordingly must be matching with the name on your passport and your international ticket otherwise you won’t be able to have your tour as arranged and even your travel insurance may be useless. If a traveler needs to change his or her name for example after getting married, you need to let us know immediately with the new name to do the necessary modifications before your arrival to have your desirable tour. Kindly also notice that additional costs "Modification Charges" may be applied to do such modifications especially on the domestic flight tickets as once they are issued, it gets hard to change the information on any of the tickets. Some travelers provide travel agencies with their nicknames believing that it is O.K but this won’t be accepted in any domestic airport and your ticket will be denied as your name isn’t matching with the one on your passport and you can simply avoid any of this through mentioning your exact name on your passport.

5. Late Check-out or Early Check-in

Hotels in Egypt have fixed schedules for check-ins & outs as for example usual check-in is at 14:00 pm and check-out is usually at 12:00 pm. If you are going to arrive in a schedule different than this, for example, to arrive in the early morning or to leave late at night, there won’t be a problem as all as we will check the best options for you and offer you a modified itinerary. We can add extra tours & excursions to your itinerary to have extra fun and we can also book extra nights for you if you want to have some rest. There is another option which is getting an early check-in for you or a late check-out based on your schedule and kindly notice that there will be a supplement of any of the mentioned offers based on which option you would like to go for of course based on the availability of each option.

6. Changing Anything in Your Tour Itinerary After Receiving the Final Confirmation

Kindly be advised that once we receive your confirmation regarding your booking, we start your booking procedures to guarantee that everything will be absolutely perfect and ready for you especially in the peaked season. In case you changed your mind regarding any of your bookings and would like to add or remove any tours to your program, our cancellation fees will be applied if the change is significant and will lead to any cancellation within the procedures we have already taken. If the change is insignificant and won’t case in changing any of the bookings we have prepared, then we will gladly assist you in the best possible way and won’t apply our cancellation fees however, there may be supplements for the modifications you would like to apply. Here are some of the most significant changes that may lead to changing the cost of the tour or to apply our cancellation policy:

  • The reduction of a night or more from your holiday.
  • Changing the dates or timing of your arrival and departure which may lead to changing the entire schedule of your tour.
  • Deciding to postpone your tour after doing the necessary booking procedures.
  • Canceling the tour for a traveler or more.
  • Adding extra tours or removing some of them.

Kindly notice that our itineraries are very flexible and accept all types of modifications and it is highly recommended to inform us with any of your special requirements before confirming the final form of your itinerary to have the best chance to apply all of your requirements.

7. Pricing

As a travel agency, we have the right to amend the prices of our unsold tours at any time including adjusting the price with any increases which are consequences of changes in A- The price of domestic flights or carriage of passengers due to the increase in the cost of fuel or different power sources. B- The fees chargeable by taxes for the services we offer. C- The exchange rates that are relevant to the tour packages we offer. Once you confirm your booking with us, we won’t change the tour price over you for any condition and we will shoulder any extra charges that may be applied to your booking but if you haven’t confirmed the tour, the tour price will not be guaranteed.

8. Inclusions

Our Overland Tours include:

  • All Accommodation as listed in your tour itinerary.
  • All Transfers as listed in your tour itinerary
  • Admission fees as mentioned on your Tour Itinerary
  • Meals as mentioned in your tour itinerary.
  • All Services, Charges, and Taxes as mentioned on your tour itinerary.
  • An Egyptologist tour guide to accompany you during the whole time during your tours with us.
  • A Pickup & drop off services at Cairo International Airport or from any where you want.

9. Exclusions

Our overland tours don’t include:

  • International Flight Tickets
  • Visa & Passport Fees.
  • Travel Insurance
  • Any Optional Tours which aren’t included in your tour itinerary.
  • Tipping or personal expenses.

10. Delay, Missed Transport Arrangements, and Denied your Boarding

Kindly notice that if the flight we booked for you got delayed or canceled by the airline itself, you must contact us immediately so that we figure out the best possible solution for you after checking the airline. Flights sometimes get delayed or canceled in Egypt for several reasons including the weather conditions and so on and this is totally out of our hands. So in such cases, we will check for you the best thing to do and let you know at once. However, If the delay or the mistake is from our side just like dropping you off late at the airport and you missed the flight, mentioning wrong names/dates on your ticket, then we will be responsible for offering you the suitable compensations or refunds for our mistake but the most important thing to put in mind is that you should never take an action on your own without getting back to us under any circumstances.

11. Our Liability to You

Once you choose us to arrange the best tour for you in Egypt, we take this as if it is a formal request from your side to be responsible for all of your bookings from A to Z. We will first provide you with a tour operator to share all of your inquiries and requests with. He or she will arrange everything exactly as you want and once you reach an agreement on your required tour and you reserve it with us, our booking department will handle your bookings and apply all of your requests in the best way. By the time we book everything for you, we will share with you the whole necessary information regarding your bookings so that if you would like to change, modify, add, or remove anything, you just notify us and we will check everything for you and apply your entire requirements if we saw that they will be more beneficial for you but if they are not, we will be very honest with you and let you know the best options to go for based on our experience in the field of tourism.

12. If you Have a Complaint

Although we always do our best for you to enjoy the most exceptional tour in the Land of Pharaohs, you may face some unfortunate events about which you should definitely complain to us at once to take serious action towards it. We have representatives, tour guides, hotel managers in each place whom you should inform with your complaint at once and they are always really for your assistance. If your problem/ Complain didn’t get solved at once, kindly get back to our local team whose names and numbers are mentioned on your confirmed tour itinerary and they will work on the situation at once but if the matter is still unresolved, then you need to get in touch with our office “Kindly notice that there may be a delay in the reply based on the different time zones”. In case you decided to postpone your complaint till your return or something like that, we won’t be able to assist you by that time as it is our chance to take the necessary actions in the time of the issue itself and at your presence as after that, it will be useless. Kindly also note that privacy laws in Egypt prevent us from commenting on the organizations that aren’t within our booking party but your feedback means a lot to us to avoid any places that don’t offer totally satisfactory services.

13. Luggage Allowance for the Domestic Flights

Regarding the domestic flights, each passenger is allowed to carry a carry-on bag that weighs 7 kg maximum and a suitcase that weighs 23 Kg maximum and that is the same luggage allowance policy for the majority of airlines in Egypt. In case your bags weights more than the mentioned allowance, then there will be extra charges based on you’re extra weight of your bags, and the charge will be determined in the airport and paid on spot.

14. Flight Information

It is of course your right to know the whole information that revolves around your domestic flights. Once we get everything ready for you, we will let you know the information about which airline we have booked for you, the timing of each flight, and its destination. If there is any change between the available flight schedule and the agreed-on itinerary, we let you know the available options before booking anything and take your approval first as it is your lifetime adventure. The airlines that we use for arranging domestic flights are Egypt Air, Air Cairo, Fly Egypt, and Nile Air and most of them are Star Alliance which will be responsible for finding another flight that matches your schedule in case of cancellations. Kindly also notice that all flights operate a no-smoking policy and for some airlines, there may be an extra charge for sporting equipment, sailboards, or even golf clubs or some other items including bicycles and musical instruments. If you are carrying any of the mentioned items with you to Egypt, kindly let us know in advance so that we make the necessary bookings and inform you of any necessary information.

15. Travel Insurance

As a travel agency, we highly recommend having a travel agency from your country before traveling to Egypt or to any country abroad as it should cover any of your cancellation fees if there are any, compensate for anything you lose or miss but of course, you need to check the policy of your travel insurance company before traveling to know what are the things and cases it covers and what it doesn’t cover. Kindly we would like to clarify that if you would like to travel to Egypt without having an adequate insurance cover, we won’t be liable for any of your losses.

16. Safety Standards

The Egyptian government is taking the highest safety measurements to ensure that all of the tourist sites in Egypt are highly protected and nothing will affect the tourists’ vacation in Egypt. The Egyptian governments with the Ministry of Tourism have taken the necessary precautions and have used any of the old unfortunate events to secure every tourist spot. That is not all as our duty as a travel agency is to choose the best tourist spot which is highly protected for our guests and don’t arrange any tours in suspected areas or no recommended spots, especially if visiting any of them create any kind of danger upon the life of our guest. We always choose the most reliable tour guides and professional drivers to arrange all of our tours and you will feel free safe with them during the whole time and of course, you can contact us at any time even while you are in Egypt if you felt uncomfortable about anything.

17. Holidays for Children

Children have the rights to enjoy just like adults and that is why our tour guides are qualified to deal with travelers of all ages and the most interesting thing about Egypt is that the majority of tourist sites in Egypt are perfectly suitable for all ages and your children will enjoy at the most which having their tours with us. Here is our Children Policy:

  • From 0 to 01.99: Free of any Charges for the whole Tours
  • From 0 to 05.99: Free of Charges {For the Tours that don't require Domestic Flight Tickets}
  • From 2 to 5.99: 25% of the Tour Price will be required {For the Tours which require Domestic Flight Tickets }
  • From 6 to 11.9: 50% of the Tour Price is required
  • 12+: Have to Pay full Tour Price as per adult.

In order to get the best tour price for you and for your children, kindly let us know from the beginning the number of your children and their ages to check the availability & rates and offer you the best possible options for your tour with the most affordable tour price.

18. Privacy Statement

The privacy of our guests and their personal information are among the top list of our high priorities as we always seek to let our guests feel absolutely safe during the whole booking procedures and during having the tour itself. Regarding your personal information like your names, passports info, etc. they will be dealt with as if they are confidential information and won’t be used for any kind of work rather than finishing your bookings that is all. Your chat with us either of telephone, What's App, or via mail will be private ones and even your requests and inquiries won’t be used against you at any time. We won’t pass your personal information to any other companies and we won’t also store your personal details for any future purposes.

19. Passport, Visa, and Health Requirements

Among the most important things you should consider while planning a tour in Egypt is should you apply for Egypt entry visa in advance or can you simply get it right upon your arrival?? Once you contact us and let us know your nationality, we will check everything for you and let you know whether you need to get your visa in advance or if our representative will be able to assist you in having your visa upon your arrival and this can only be determined based on your nationality. It is also your responsibility to check and fulfill your passport, visa, and to make sure that you have everything ready for traveling. Our article about Passport, visa, and health requirements will be so important for you to collect as possible information as you can and you can simply check it directly from this link "Egypt Travel Visa". Our operation team will be under your assistance at any time to assist you in getting the most accurate information.

20. Cutting Your Holiday Short

During your tour with us, if you are forced to make a personal decision to get back home earlier than the supposed time of your departure, we won’t be able to refund you the costs of the rest of your tours since everything has been booked in advance and we have paid for everything to guarantee the availability for you. Depending on the circumstances of your booking and cancellation, your travel insurance company may be able to refund you the remaining of the costs of the services you haven’t used with us. It is totally your responsibility to contact your insurer at the time of cutting your holiday to be able to follow their instructions and get the necessary local receipts that prove your claim.

21. Guest Behavior

Tourists who come to Egypt are expected to follow the order of the country they are visiting and not to disrupt the enjoyment of any other guests. If we noticed that your behavior cause any kind of distress, danger, damage in property, or annoyance to other people, then we have the right to terminate your booking arrangement with us at once as you definitely have to respect the traditions and customs which are followed in Egypt or even in any other country you are visiting. In that case, there won’t be any refunds for your bookings & accommodation and we won’t pay any expenses that result from your behavior. If your action caused any kind of damage in other properties, then you will be obliged to pay for such damages or losses to the owner of that property. The full payment of your damages will be paid directly to the hotel manager or for the owner of any place you have damaged with your behavior. In case you refused to cover such payment, it is going to be your responsibility to meet any claims made against you. We won’t be responsible for your actions or for any other guests who don’t have a connection with our or your booking arrangements. So it is highly important to respect others in Egypt and not to try to spoil anyone’s vacation or property on purpose.

22. Special Requests

In case of you have a special request, for example, a place you would like to visit, a meal you would like to try, the food you are sensitive of, etc. you need to tell us about at the time of your booking, for example, you need to tell us about your diet, the location of the room you want, whether you would like to have a totally private tour or if it is O.k. to share it with others, and so on. From our side, we will pass your reasonable requests to the relevant suppliers and see which ones can be applied and which ones are difficult to be achieved. Kindly note also that lots of your special requests will depend on the availability of the place responsible for commissioning them. If any of your requests will destroy any part of your vacation, we will let you know that this is not the good thing for you to do and suggest a better option as we would like to make sure that you will enjoy the best tour ever with us. Kindly note that if you or any member of your party has any medical problem or any kind of disability that can affect the arrangements of your holiday, kindly inform us in detail in writing before we start in any of your bookings.

23. Weather

It is something very important for tourists to check the state of the weather in Egypt during the whole year as there are many fabulous seasons in Egypt to enjoy the perfect vacation you would like to have and there are also other reasons that you definitely need to avoid. You should also check the weather in Egypt to know the types of clothes you need to pack with you during the period in which you are going to come to Egypt. For some detailed information about the weather in Egypt, the best time to visit Egypt, and what to bring with you, you definitely need to read our articles below:

24. Air Conditioning

It is such a very important thing for travelers to enjoy their tours and their time in Egypt and that is why we choose the best hotels & Nile Cruises that offer personally controlled air-conditioners in every room & cabin. That is not all as all of our vehicles are modern air-conditioned ones and this is a very essential thing for our tourists not to get tired during being transferred from a place to another especially for long distances that can take more than 3 hours.

25. Room Upgrading

Upon your arrival to Egypt and after reaching the hotel that we booked for you, you may want to upgrade it to a higher degree or to add the supplement and get a room with a beautiful view and this is of course can be determined upon your arrival. Once you decide to upgrade any of your accommodation, you can head directly to the receptionist and ask him or her to do the necessary upgrading steps. Unluckily, you may not find the upgrading you want on the spot as most of them need to be booked in advance to guarantee availability especially in high seasons in Egypt.

26. Hotel & Resort Classification

If Egypt there are 3*/4*/5*/ and 5* High Luxury hotels and resorts. Each category of them has its rate and you can choose from them the best price that matches your budget and we will assist you in doing so through giving you the tour price following each category putting in mind that we don’t accommodate at 3* Hotels or resorts as they aren’t convenient at all for our special guests. Prices quoted in our tours are based on 2 persons in a sharing room and there are rooms available for single occupancy with an additional supplementary rate.

  • 3* Hotels: Standard Medium Class
  • 4* Hotels: Medium Class.
  • 5* Hotels: Standard plus First Class.
  • 5* High Deluxe Hotels: Superior first class.

Whatever the class that you want to go for, we will assist you in getting the best possible options and also suggest the best among them. In Egypt, hotels, Nile Cruises, Resorts offer some exceptional facilities for tourists to enjoy while spending their vacations in Egypt. As wise advice, we highly recommend being accommodated at 5*or 5* High luxury hotels to enjoy your vacation at the most based on previous tourists’ feedback. Here is the list of both 5* and 5* hotels that we usually accommodate our guests at plus the names of our cruises to have a deeper look. Our 5* Hotels will Be:

  • In Cairo: Le-Meridien Pyramids / Steigenberger Cairo pyramids / Ramses Hilton / Steigenberger El-Tahrir / Conrad
  • In Luxor:  SteigenbergerAchti Resort Luxor / Maritim Jolie Ville
  • In Aswan: Tulip Hotel / Movenpick Aswan
  • In Hurghada: Continental Hurghada.

Our Ultimate 5* High Luxury Hotels:

  • In Cairo: Marriot Mena House Hotel / Four Seasons.
  • In Luxor: Sofitel Winter Palace.
  • In Aswan: Sofitel Legend Old Cataract.
  • In Hurghada: Marriott Hurghada / Steigenberger Al Dau Beach / Sunrise Mamlouk

5* Deluxe Nile Cruises: Crown Jewel - Steigenberger Legacy – Steigenberger Minerva – Jaz Regency – Amwaj – Nile Style – Moon Dance – Concerto – Concerto II – Sonesta Nile Goddess –Nile Premium 5* High Deluxe Nile Cruises: Mayfair – Farah – Le-Fayan – Movenpick Sunray – Sonesta Moon Goddess – Amarco – Sonesta St. George – Oberoi Philae – Oberoi Zahra Kindly note that if there are any specific hotels, resorts, or Nile Cruises you would like to be accommodated at, we will surely do our best to accommodate all of your requests after checking the availability for you and offer you the most irresistible price.

27. Deposits

A deposit is required from your side to confirm your bookings and to be able to start your booking procedures and here are the main types of excursions that we offer with the necessary deposit for each one:

  • For Overland tours that Don’t Require Domestic Flights: you may not be required to send us a deposit.
  • For Shore Excursions: You will need to send us 25% of the total cost of your tour.
  • For Tour Packages that Don't Include International Flight Tickets: you also need to send us a 25% deposit from the total cost of your tour.
  • If you would like us to include your international flight tickets, then the deposit will be 50% of the total cost of your tour.
  • In the Peak season in Egypt, we require 50% of the total cost of your tour.

Kindly notice that when you send us the required deposit, we will start your booking procedures and in case of any cancellation from your side, our cancellation fees will be applicable. You can check any information about our payment & cancellation policy via this link.

28. Hotel Vouchers

Most tourists who start their bookings with us require hotel vouchers to make sure that we have actually booked at a specific hotel for them. Regarding this issue, we would like to clarify that only two hotels all over Egypt give such vouchers and regarding your bookings, as long as we have mentioned to you that your hotels are confirmed and gave you the list of your final hotels in Egypt, it means that nothing else is needed from our side to provide to confirm booking your hotels. If you would like to have a hotel voucher to apply for your visa, then there won’t be any kind of problem as we will send you a visa letter and a default to your hotel accommodation to get your visa easily.

29. Our Content

All the materials & content mentioned on our website including images, texts, audio clips, videos, etc. consist of trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights that are protected by worldwide copyright intellectual property law. In case of going against such laws or intellectual property, It is going to be prohibited by law. Our website is protected by DMCA and all of the content published on our website is original including all the images, designs, audios, videos so don’t try to copy any of the content mentioned on our website or to use it in any similar field without getting back to us and we will check the best option we can do for you.

30. Locally Booked Excursions & Activities

There are many activities and excursions that you can have while being in Egypt and you have two options either to book them in advance with us and we will directly book them for you and pay for them or you can book them locally right on spot and pay for them directly. Such tours are:

  • Having a Camel Ride in Giza Complex.
  • Have an SUV sunset ride.
  • Get inside the Pyramids of Giza.
  • Enjoy a hot air balloon ride.
  • Visit the Nubian Village.

And there are many other interesting activities that you can enjoy while being in Egypt and you can check our article "Things to Do in Egypt" for more info. There is just a point that you need to put in mind which is what if you decided to book any optional tour on your own while being in Egypt, our travel agency won’t be responsible for arranging it, and you won’t have the right to complain about us about the quality of the tour, its duration & cost, or anything as it is not booked by us but, of course, our tour guide will be with you at any time for any assistance.

31. Images & Marketing

Our guests agree while having their tours with us including group tours, private tours, Family tours, day Tours, that we can take images for them by one of our representatives or tour guides that may be used later in social or in marketing and we never ever take any photo against the will of our guests. We must check with our guests first if they have any kind of problem regarding taking photos during their tours before we take such photos as the satisfaction of our guests is all of what we seek for.

32. Our Responsibility Towards You

We act as your travel agency and we will gladly assist you in arranging everything regarding your tour in Egypt from A to Z and kindly we would like to clarify that we are not reliable for any injuries, damage, accident, delay of a person that may result in a direct or an indirect way from the following cases: weather, acts of the government, riots, acts of God, wars, civil disturbances, thefts, quarantines, cancellation of any hotels/Flights/Nile Cruises/ or restaurants. If any of the mentioned issues happen with you, we will do our best to figure out the best possible solution for you and assist you to continue your imaginary vacation in Egypt.

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