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Travel Alerts & Safety Guidelines

Egypt Tours Portal has been customizing and operating magical tours both cultural & adventurous for the course of more than 15 years where we dedicated all our efforts to provide the safest and most secure environment. The reason why we were able to ensure the safety of all our travelers all these years is our deep understanding of the risk factors that may stand in the way of our tour guides and travelers. Some of these risks are:

Safety Measures during Covid-19

We as a travel agency must play our essential part in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and that is why "Egypt Tours Portal" is complying with all the WHO guidelines and here are our safety measures during the whole tours we operate:

  1. The groups that are going to join us during our tours and activities will not be more than 10 people to keep the social distancing between the travelers in the group.
  2. The social distancing will be one meter between our clients whenever it is possible.
  3. Masks are obligatory during the tours and we will handle them to the clients who don’t have their own.
  4. We will provide our guests with alcohol gel during their tours with us and even after our service.
  5. Masks and gloves will be obligatory for our tour guides, drivers, hotel staff, etc, to keep the safety of our guests for the whole time.
  6. We work with hotels & cruises that have demonstrated totally safe & hygienic practices to make sure that we are offering the safest tour for our guests.
  7. The ones who are taking part in the services we offer will be checked daily and their temperatures will be monitored daily also and in case any symptoms appeared on them, they will be separated and won’t operate any tours until they become very well.
  8. There will also be temperature checks for all of the attendees and if the temperature of anyone is more than 37 degrees Celsius, he or she won’t be able to proceed with their tours and will be taken care of.
  9. For any land, air, or water transport of any kind be used, the vehicles will be sanitized and deep-cleaned every 24 hrs and even the use of each traveler.
  10. We will reduce the capacity of our vehicles to be 50% of their maximum capacity.
  11. In the tourist sites like monuments, museums, etc. the maximum permitted on each site will be only 50% of the maximum capacity.

The mentioned safety measures will be applied from June 2020 until further notice and kindly don’t hesitate in getting back to us at any time for any inquiries.


Certain rules have to be respected while riding any form of transportations such as trains, buses, and boats. If there are seat belts, we expect our travelers to use them at all times. If a motorbike taxis is optional then you should be careful and consider the risk and check the driving license of the driver & the terms of their travel insurance in case of motorbike injuries. We choose the most suitable means of transportation that best matches the destination our guests are going to head to. The safety level of the vehicle itself will be rated to ensure a secure comfortable journey.

Transportation - Travel Alerts & Safety Guidelines - Egypt Tours Portal
Boats & Ferries - Travel Alerts & Safety Guidelines - Egypt Tours Portal

Boats & Ferries

All the sea vessels will be equipped will the safety measures like lifejackets and reliable boat operators who will determine and confirm that everything is safe and sound for travel. The entire boat, ferry, and cruise will be handpicked to make sure all of them are fully equipped.


The safety measures and standards of the accommodations are high priorities for Egypt Tours Portal which is always checked and monitored by all our operators to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients. Like transportation vehicles, also the accommodations are handpicked based on their rates and reviews. Of course, accommodations will have a second exit in case of any danger plus a well-trained professional staff. Your tour guide will organize your chosen accommodation to provide the safest atmosphere, the most suitable means of comfort, and will be ready to handle any safety concerns relating to you.

Accommodations - Travel Alerts & Safety Guidelines - Egypt Tours Portal
Bicycles - Travel Alerts & Safety Guidelines - Egypt Tours Portal


If the travelers want to do some off-road cycling then a helmet and safety gear is a necessary requirement. The traveler and the staff will wear a helmet at all times. It is advised to bring your own helmet or one will be brought for you.

Cancellation Policy

There is a question that is so attached to such issues which are in case of canceling a tour, should you get a refund??? You will find the full information regarding the cancellation policy here.

Cancellation Policy - Travel Alerts & Safety Guidelines - Egypt Tours Portal


In ensuring the safety of all travelers; they should inform us of any pre-existing physical and mental health conditions before traveling. You should listen to your tour operator who will conduct a safety briefing before action and make sure everything is in place. And if the tour operator suggested one of the travelers not to participate in a certain activity for being not able-bodied, then all travelers must listen.

Snorkeling Travel Alerts Safety Guidelines - Egypt Tours Portal

Snorkeling & Diving

Among the most amazing aquatic activities across the red sea in Egypt are snorkeling and diving excursions. Before every trip, the tour operator will provide a brief on all the safety procedures before starting. All the travelers should carefully test their capabilities in swimming and snorkeling before starting any activity and follow all the instructions of their safety brief.

Explorations Travel Alerts Safety Guidelines - Egypt Tours Portal


Exploring all the historical wonders is the main highlight of any tour on tour in Egypt which will involve a lot of walking. All the travelers should put on the correct comfortable footwear and light cloths to fully enjoy all of what Egypt has to offer. While walking, all the group members must stay together and not wander alone. If the weather conditions or the terrain or the landscape ever became a problem then your tour guide will seek your opinion and will decide whether to continue or not.

Animals Travel Alerts Safety Guidelines - Egypt Tours Portal


When you are in Egypt, you will have the best chance to enjoy some of the most exciting rides in the different Egypt sites and among the most preferable of them are the horse & camel rides especially in Giza Plateau. Everyone should respect the animal welfare guidelines while being in the magical Land of Pharaohs.

Travel Alerts Travel Alerts Safety Guidelines - Egypt Tours Portal

First Aid Kits

Every tour guide is trained to handle a medical kit that will be carried throughout the trip. The medical kit will have basic first aid supplies and apply the first aid himself if appropriate until medical assistance can be rapidly provided. In the event of an emergency, the leader should be disclosed. Any personal medication should be carried by the passenger at all times.

Travel Alerts

Because we value the safety of our travelers above all else, our staff will be in touch with you at all time and we monitor all the events both foreign and domestic to fully understand all the challenges that face us and provide the safest possible vacation. Kindly notice that no matter where on the globe you are traveling to, there is a possibility of facing a natural disaster or even a man-made tragedy that could ruin your future plans.

Travel Alerts Travel Alerts Safety Guidelines - Egypt Tours Portal

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