Public holidays in Egypt 2021 are celebrated by the entire population and it has many classifications. Some holidays are religious and others are secular, while some can be fixed holidays and others are movable. In Egypt, we have four Islamic holidays in Egypt and two Christian holidays. Moreover, we have national and social festivals some of them are considered holidays and others are not.

Most Egyptians work 6 days weekly while a few of them work only 5 days as government offices and ministries in Egypt rest on Friday of each week, while banks and many institutes have non- working days on Saturdays and much other administration area are not working on Sundays. So we can talk about all these festivals and holidays in Egypt on the following points:

  1. Islamic Festivals and Holidays.
  2. Coptic Festivals.
  3. National Festivals & Holidays
  4. Social Festivals.

Public Holidays in Egypt 2021

Date Holiday Name Type
Tuesday, 7th of Jan 2021 Christmas Holiday Coptic Holiday
Saturday, 25th of Jan 2021 Revolution of 25 January National Holiday
Monday, 20th of Apr 2021 Sham El Nessim – Easter Coptic Holiday
Saturday, 25th of Apr 2021 Sinai Liberation Day National Holiday
Thursday, 30th of Apr 2021 Labour Day National Holiday
Saturday, 23rd of May 2021 End of Ramadan Islamic Holiday
 24th, 25th, 26th of May 2021 Eid Al Fitr Islamic Holiday
Tuesday, 30th of June, 2021 Revolution of 30 June National Holiday
Thursday, 23rd of July 2021 Revolution of 23 July at 1952 National Holiday
Thursday, 30th of July, 2021 Day of Arafat Islamic Holiday
31st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd of Aug 2021 Eid Al Adha Islamic Holiday
Thursday, 20th of Aug 2021 Islamic New Year Islamic Holiday
Tuesday, 6th of Oct 2021 Feast of Sinai Liberation National Holiday
Tuesday, 29th of Oct 2021 Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharif Islamic Holiday

Islamic Festivals in Egypt 2021

Islamic Festivals & Holidays in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

1. First of Muharram – 21st of Aug 2021

It’s a new Hijary or Islamic year according to the Islamic calendar. And it’s considered a holiday for all Egyptians.

2. Rabea Awaal 12th – 29th of Oct 2021

It’s a major Islamic festival that marks the birthday of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) we call it in Egypt “Moulid al Nabawy“. Most streets are filled with acrobats, drummers, and musicians. Families join together to greet each other and exchange gifts like the traditional sweets “Halawet El-Moulid” (a type of halvah or candy) and candy dolls are called are sold from roadside stands as well as hummus (a puree made from chickpeas), the traditional food of Moulid an-Nabi. And it’s also a holiday in Egypt for all Egyptians.

3. Ragab 27th – 22nd of Mar

All Muslims in Egypt are celebrating by the 27th of Ragab which is called “Laylat El-Esraa & Miraj” the day that Prophet Muhammad is believed to have ascended to heaven. It is a national holiday in Egypt in some Muslim countries.

4. Shaban 15th Night – 8th of Apr 2021

It’s a special night that the prophet Mohamed has mentioned in his Hadith and people are celebrating by reading a part of the holy book Quraan but it’s not one of the holidays in Egypt.

5. Ramadan in Egypt – 24th of Apr 2021

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual activity between sunrise and sunset every day. People join with their families to break the fast with gigantic feasts called ‘Iftar’. The first item traditionally consumed being dates. To ensure energy levels are maintained throughout the day, Muslims will also rise early before sunrise to once again fuel their bodies with food before the fasting begins this meal is called Suhor.

This month adds more color and fun to the country. Ramadan nights are totally different from the rest of the year. It is a time for inner reflection, devotion to God, and self-control. Many Muslims think of it as a kind of tune-up for their spiritual lives. Kids also are celebrating Ramadan by buying Fanoos Ramadan and enjoy its light and music. Of course, the whole month is not considered as holidays in Egypt. The end of the month is commemorated with a three-day feast called ‘Eid Al-Fitr’.

6. Eid Al Fitr – 24th of May 2021

The first day after Ramadan called Shawal it’s 10th month of Islamic Calendar ( from 1st to 3rd of Shawal ) begins a three- or four-day holiday in Egypt called Eid al-Fitr. After the final fast-breaking (Iftar), people often celebrate all night. The next day everyone puts on new clothes to join street festivities with small fairs and open markets while families and friends get together to exchange gifts and sweets most Egyptian are making this sweet at home. Muslim holidays are not on fixed dates because they are on the lunar calendar.

7. Dhuʻl-Hijjah – 22nd of July 2021

Dhuʻl-Hijjah is the 12th month of the Islamic Calendar. It’s called Arafat day where people are doing their Holly Visit to Mecca for Al Hag. Egyptians are fasting on that day and it’s a holiday in Egypt.

8. Al Adha Eid – 31st of July 2021

From 10th to 13th  Zo Al Haga Feast of the Sacrifice and It honors the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son, as an act of obedience to Allah’s (God) command. Before Ibrahim sacrificed his son, God provided a male animal to sacrifice instead. In commemoration of this, an animal is sacrificed and divided into three parts: one-third of the share is given to the poor and needy, another third is given to relatives, friends, and neighbors, and the remaining third is retained by the family.

Coptic Festivals in Egypt 2021

Coptic Festivals & Holidays in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

1. Christmas Holiday – 7th of Jan 2021

January 7 the birth of Jesus Christ according to Coptic Calendar and most Egyptians regardless of religion join in the festivities, especially in Cairo and other Coptic regions. The week before Christmas, homes, and businesses are decked out with colorful lights and decorations, and there are manger scenes and special holiday bazaars in the streets. Following the midnight mass on Christmas Eve, people gather to celebrate and eat a traditional dish of rice, garlic and meat soup called Fata.

2. Sham El Nassim “Easter Festival” – 20th of Apr 2021

Coptic believers hold an Easter vigil until dawn on Easter Morning. This is known as “The Great Vigil” and the ceremonies will involve a Resurrection play that centers on both the Resurrection and the Ascension. In the beginning, Heaven’s gates are shown shut tight and the room is kept dark to symbolize humanity’s fall into sin.

The Easter festival is large family dinners are served to break the long period of fasting. Fish, meat, eggs, cookies, biscuits, and “Fatteh” a dish with rice and other ingredients laid on top of a crispy flatbread, are common cuisine choices. New clothes are also bought and worn as Coptic Christians visit family members and friends at their houses.

National Holidays in Egypt 2021

National Holidays in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

The following holidays in Egypt are celebrated across the country, where government offices and ministries are closed.

1. Revolution of 25 January – 25th of Jan 2021

Celebrates the day of the beginning of the Egyptian revolution against “President Mubarak” on the 25th of January 2011 and it’s also a National Police Day It’s a day off in Egypt.

2. Revolution of 23 July at 1952 – 23rd of July 2021

Egypt is celebrating on July 23 of the Egyptian revolution of 1952 against King Farouk and it was the main reason for the ending of the kingdom of Egypt.

3. Sina Liberation Day- 25th of Apr 2021

Sinai liberation day marks the final withdrawal of all Israeli military forces from the Sinai Peninsula when Egypt recovered the land of Sinai and the withdrawal of the last Israeli soldier from the city of Taba in 1988

4. Labour Day – 1st of May 2021

It’s a day off for all Egyptians. It is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed. In 2021, it falls on a Friday, but since Friday is an official holiday some businesses may choose Thursday as a holiday.

5. Feast of Sinai Liberation – 6th of Oct 2021

Egypt celebrates its first military victory in the October War, which leads to the liberation of Sinai from the occupation, also during the rule of President “Mohamed Anwar Sadat“.

Social Festivals in Egypt 2021

Social Festivals & Holidays in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

1. Mother’s Day – 21st of Mar 2021

It’s on March 21 as a kind of appreciation for Egyptian mothers but it’s not a public holiday in Egypt.

2. Spring Day – 20th of Apr 2021

It has no fixed day but it’s most probably in April during spring it’s a Public holiday where Egyptians like to go to national parks and eat dry fish and fruits so when you visit Egypt during that holiday you’ l find everything is different in Egypt.

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