Who is King Menes?

Involve yourself into The Ancient Egyptian History by recognizing “King Menes“,  the founder of the 1st dynasty of old kingdom in ancient Egyptian time in 3150 B.C.

Egypt During the Era of King Menes:

Before that period Egypt was divided into 2 kingdoms of Upper Egypt in the South and Lower Egypt in the north, and there was a crowned king for each part and a series of wars between them, until “king Menes” defeated the king of upper Egypt and crowned himself as a king of two lands upper and lower Egypt. After the unification of both lands, “King Narmer” Changed the capital of Egypt to be in Abydos.

What is Narmer Palettes?

King Menes” commemorating the victory of upper Egypt over lower Egypt in his famous pallet which called Narmer Palette it is made out of shiest and discovered from Hyracnopolice {El Kom El Ahmar } it is about 22 Km East of Cairo. This palette has been transferred to The Egyptian Museum in Cairo so start your trip to Egypt by visiting the museum and watching the palette.

What is King Narmer’s Palette Consists of?

Narmer Palette is consisting of two sides recto and verso on both sides we can see the name of king Narmer had written in a small square as “Ne3Rmer“, the name is protecting from either side by the famous face of the Cow Hathor the deity of love, harmony, and motherhood with tow eh

In the first register we can see King Narmer standing in profile with his left leg in advance it’s a military march or a step towards immortality’s king is one of his  Behind the king is one of his servant bearing the king’s shows and a pot of water and also we can see two rows of enemas showing headless figures and their heads are between their legs.

On the other side, we can see two long-necked animals forming a circle between each other and two of the king’s soldiers are pulling there neck away from each other those animals are representing upper and lower Egypt and the king is trying to prevent the conflict between them.

In the bottom, we can see bull which representing the conquering King Narmer kicking with his horn one of the fortress and one of his enemy is running under that bull. It’s very important to see this palette during your trip to Egypt, it’s the first masterpiece of the Egyptian Museum.

Works of King Menes?

When Egypt was unified, king Narmer instituted religious practices formalized beliefs, his reign was so prosperous he ruled for about 26 years. “King Narmer” cared so much about hobbies and develop it like carving, sculpting, and sports. It’s important to mention that Egypt flourished a lot under his reign.

Where is Tomb of King Menes Founded?

His tomb is found at Um Qa’ab nearby Abydos in upper Egypt it is consisting of two joined champers it’s built out of mud break.

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