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The Most Famous Beaches in Hurghada 2021

Hurghada Red Sea Cairo And Hurghada Holiday - Egypt Tours Portal

The beaches in Hurghada are a true living miracle offering every traveler the chance to witness the beauty of the res sea in the magical city resort of Hurghada. The purpose of this article is to offer every traveler all the information and details about the most famous beaches in Hurghada. This article was written by a group of very skilled team of tour operators, tour guides, and travel consultants who know all the best beaches to enjoy in Hurghada.

The beaches in Hurghada are pieces of heaven created by angels to deliver the most relaxing and recreational vacation across the red sea through enchanting images of tropical allure made of crystal beaches, sparkling waters containing the most wonderful haven for marine life surrounded by the finest means of entertainment, aquatic sports and services that makes every visitor experience a miraculous sensation of joy and grace that create the happiest memories. Through our article, we offer various beaches in Hurghada whether public or private beaches:

Best Beaches in Hurghada

A beach resort is a full-service holiday lodging facility, located at the seaside, with access to a private beach and a fully contained, fully equipped hotel, here are the best hotels with amazing beaches in Hurghada:

1. Sunrise Garden Beach Resort

Sunrise Garden Beach Resort - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Sunrise Garden Beach Resort

One of the most elegant resorts just 8.1 mi from Hurghada international airport is the Sunrise Garden Beach Resort that offers the finest tropical vacation through the finest accommodations in its 5* hotel, the coolest international diving center, spas, restaurants shopping malls, various entertainment center for adults and children across a hypnotic view.

2. Steigenberger Aldau Beach

Steigenberger Aldau beach - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Steigenberger Aldau beach

In the center of Hurghada just 10 minutes away from the Hurghada international airport lies the finest image of Luxury Steigenberger Aldau beach hotel that merges privacy, peace, and entertainment in the finest manner featuring three existing category-leader hotels, among amazing restaurants, spas entertainment centers, and the most outstanding collection of Aquatic activities.

3. Hurghada Long Beach

Hurghada Long Beach - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Hurghada Long Beach

One of the most famous retreats for couples and families across the red sea is Hurghada Long Beach just 14 km from Hurghada airport that provides all the means to relax and have an adventure. It offers delightful accommodations, various options to swimming pools, restaurants, bars, and entertainment centers, majestic gardens across the red sea, entertainment centers and playgrounds plus a chance to explore Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan.

4. Beach Albatros Resort

Beach Albatros Resort - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Beach Albatros Resort

Just 20 mi the heart of Hurghada and 9 km away from Hurghada airport lies a tropical wonder displaying a peaceful ambiance showcasing the true beauty of the red sea while offering the finest accommodations with enchanting views, delightful restaurants, playing grounds for both adults & kids, entertainment centers incredible restaurants and spas and wonderful water sports.

5. Stella Di Mare Beach Resort & Spa Makadi Bay

Stella Di Mare Beach Resort & Spa Makadi Bay - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Stella Di Mare Beach Resort & Spa Makadi Bay

Across the peaceful Makadi bay lies the wonderful Stella Di Mare Beach Resort & Spa that offers the most absolute relaxing experience of a lifetime across the red sea which is just 30 km south of Hurghada airport. All the facilities of the resorts are designed to offer an amazing mixture of tranquility and adventure through a wide range of activities across its waters.

6. Dana Beach Resort Albatros

Dana Beach Resort Albatros - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Dana Beach Resort Albatros - Beaches in Hurghada

The Dana Beach Resort Albatros offers the most memorable time of tropical oriental holiday in total tranquility and freedom across its delightful lagoons, restaurants, incredible 5*accommodations, plus means of entertainment, all just 15 away from Hurghada international airport.

7. Hurghada Marriott Beach

Hurghada Marriott Beach - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Hurghada Marriott Beach

The Hurghada Marriott Beach offers the most incredible chance to discover a new side to the crystal red sea through a number of incredible activities and amazing nightlife across this magical beach. All the accommodations, bars, pools, spas, a number of water sports like snorkeling and diving that are 5* rates offer beautiful memories that last an eternity.

8. Arabia Azur Resort

Arabia Azur Beach Resort - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Arabia Azur Beach Resort

If you desire to have a full recreational holiday across the red sea then the Arabia Azur Resort is what you need. The entire resort is equipped with everything from fully equipped accommodations to amazing scenery across the red sea plus every means of entertainment like delightful restaurants and spas and incredible aquatic activities in the underwater life of the red sea.

9. Serenity Makadi Beach

Serenity Makadi Beach - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Serenity Makadi Beach

Directly across the red sea at Makadi Bay in Hurghada lies a Moroccan style built resort that features the incredible warmth and hospitality of the Egyptian society in the coolest fashions, you will find everything from 5*accommodations to every means to tropical entertainment like diving centers and spas like the Fayrouza spa that showcases the full beauty of the red sea.

10. Siva Grand Beach

Siva Grand Beach - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Siva Grand Beach

The Siva Grand Beach offers everything you would expect from a Hurghada tropical resort but with an awesome twist. In this resort lies a pure recreational holiday across its hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers, and aquatic sports within its beautiful waters.

11. Coral Beach Hurghada

Coral Beach Hurghada - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Coral Beach Hurghada

Across 1.2 km of the great shore of the sea lies the beautiful Coral Beach Hurghada that offers the finest aquatic sports like diving and snorkeling within its magical underwater marine life and relaxes at the amazing accommodation of its hotels that offer heavenly views through the horizon of the red sea plus a number of cafes, restaurants and a number of fun activities.

Public Beaches in Hurghada

A public beach is a space along the coast which has been declared to be a public beach by the official authorities.

 1. Mahmya Beach

Coral Beach Hurghada - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Coral Beach Hurghada

Piece of haven lies within the red sea called Mahmya beach in which is a protected island just off the coast from El Gouna. Mahmya Beach holds the largest group of protected coral reefs and rare marine inhabitants which create the most memorable diving and snorkeling experience imaginable with incredible restaurants, spas, entertainment centers, and more.

2. The Smokery Beach

The Smokery Beach - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
The Smokery Beach

The smokery beach in el Gouna is famous for being the land of luxury and tropical excitement which offers the most incredible vacation across its shores, amazing yachts, famous restaurants, and a number of entertaining activities.

3. Public Beach Number 9 Hurghada

Public Beach Number 9 Hurghada - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Public Beach Number 9 Hurghada

The public beach of Hurghada offers a wonderful recreational stay and the chance to have a great time and sail with its magical waters. The beach is open from 8 am to 18 pm and offers a ton of incredible activities that makes your time truly memorable.

4. Old Vic Beach

Old Vic Beach - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Old Vic Beach

The old Vic beach is a majestic beach across the red sea that contains the highest levels of tranquility and relaxation within its beautiful waters. Across the shores lies bars and restaurants that offer the most delicious foods and drinks across a magical view.

5. El Sawaky Beach

El Sawaky Beach - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
El Sawaky Beach

One of the most delightful beaches in Hurghada in the red sea is the Sawaky beach which has a wonderful means of entertainment and the most hypnotic view of the red sea where the greatest holiday is lived and the best time is enjoyed between the arms of the red sea.

6. Orange Beach

Orange Beach - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Orange Beach

The greatest memories are created and the finest visions of the red sea are captured. An orange beach is a wonderful place that combines the wild nature of the eastern Sahara with the everlasting allure of the red sea while containing the awesome meaning of entertainment like swimming, diving, and snorkeling.

Top Hurghada Resorts includes Amazing Beaches

Hurghada is a city resort like any other as it holds a majestic mixture of beauty, adventure, and convenience in the most spectacular manner as when you set foot in one of its because you will get the sensation you are in the right place. Here are the best resorts in Hurghada includes amazing beaches:

Sahl Hasheesh Beach

Sahl Hashesh - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Sahl Hasheesh

The tropical Sahl Hasheesh beach is Hurghada’s most magnificent destination on the red sea. It is located 18 km south of Hurghada international airport and holds some of the best hotels, restaurants, and delightful beachfront. The beach contains an amazing geographic nature and magical landscapes filled with the best ways of entertainment and the best hotels, restaurants, and bazaars. The resort enjoys every way of entertainment from various watersports to the widest nightclubs while enjoying the best satisfying service. You will enjoy the most hypnotic marine life of rare colorful fish to glowing coral reefs.

Makadi Bay

Mahmya Beach Makadi Bay - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal- Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Makadi Bay

The marvelous Makadi bay nests between the charming eastern desert and the inclusive sea and holds an inshore reef home to exotic marine life making it one of the best locations for diving in Hurghada. The bay is the next-door neighbor to Sahl Hasheesh, just 23 km away from Hurghada's international airport, and is the ideal spot to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, the finest hotels, the best restaurant, and the most majestic scenery in all of Hurghada.

Soma Bay

Soma Bay - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Soma Bay

The mesmerizing peninsula of soma bay is located 45 km south of Hurghada's international airport. It is surrounded by clear waters, a panoramic view of the Desert Mountains, and white sandy beaches under the tropical warm climate and nothing but sunny skies, mild temperature, and clear waters. The bay has many amazing luxurious hotels, a grand thalassotherapy spa, and the finest watersports centers, especially for diving and snorkeling.

Gifton Island

Gifton Island - Beaches in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Gifton Island

One of the most inclusive and magical locations in Hurghada is the island of Gifton. It is located 45 minutes away by a boat ride from Hurghada and holds 80% of the biodiversity of the coral reefs in the red sea. The Island is quite tropical and the best location to get that Caribbean island vacation feel, you will witness the most hypnotic scenery of glowing white sand and crystal clear waters.

Stop Wasting Time and Let Us Book Your Beach

If you are looking to book the best hotels in Hurghada, we are here for you. Feel free to contact us at any time if you want to book one of the above beaches or you can take a look at our Egypt red sea holidays inclusive of the best hotels, excursions, and culture tours of Egypt. Or simply provide us with your inquiry about what's your dream holiday.

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