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Flights Questions?

Which Airlines Do You Deal With?

Egypt Air, Air Cairo, or Nile Air. {Based on the availability at the time of booking}.

What Are Your Standers While Booking the Flight?

Flights will be booked based on the best timing on the day that perfectly matches the schedule of the tour and also the price which is quoted for.

Can I Pick My Own Schedule?

Yes, you can and we will book it if it is available, and if it has a different rate from the price quoted for you, we will mention the extra cost but such a request should be made in advance before confirming the flights.

Can I Book My Own Flight?

Sure, you can book the domestic flight on your own.

Do You Book International Flights?

In most cases yes, we can book your international flights based on your required dates and the nearest airport.

Can I Change the Booked Flight With You?

Yes, we have the flexibility to change until the last minute and it would be with an extra charge from the airline.

What Is the Allowed Weight of the Luggage? and What If I Want to Exceed this Limit?

Every passenger is allowed to carry 23 Kg of luggage and a 7 Kg Carry-on bag. You can exceed this limit and pay for the extra weight at the airport directly.

Hotels & Nile Cruises Questions?

What Are the Hotel Classifications in Egypt?

The classification is local which means what is 5* luxury in Egypt can be 5* in your county, what’s 5* can be 4* in your country, and so on. {That is why we highly recommend sticking to 5* luxury or 5* hotels}

Which Hotel & Nile Cruise from the Listed Ones Will I Be Accommodated At?

It’s a matter of availability, we check the availability of the whole list once we get a confirmation from all of them, and we keep you posted.

Is It Okay to Share My Preference for the Hotels & Nile Cruise?

Sure, you can and we will keep them in mind as a priority while working on your booking procedures, however, it always depends on availability.

Is There Free Wi-Fi Provided At the Hotels?

Just at the lobby so it would be better if you buy a SIM card for internet use.

Is the Dinner Meal Included?

The dinner meals are provided just when you are on board a Nile cruise or in Hurghada city, as all your hotels in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan are only based on a bed and breakfast basis.

Does the Hotel Have A Swimming Pool?


Do the Nile Cruises Has A Fixed Schedule?

Nile Cruise has a pre-determined schedule from Aswan o Luxor {on Wednesdays or Fridays} for 4 days & 3 nights and from Luxor to Aswan {on Mondays or Saturdays} for 5 days & 4 nights. You can get more information about Nile cruise schedule, types, best times & how to enjoy the Nile cruise through our Nile Cruise travel guide page.

What Are the Classifications of the Rooms?

Double rooms {One king-sized bed or 2 twin beds}. Triple rooms {King Sized bed & extra bed/ sofa bed or 3 Separate beds or 2 beds & 1 sofa bed}.

Does the Cruise Has Balconies?

No, they have French balconies / Large Panoramic windows overlooking the Nile.

Can I Exclude the Hotels and Book Them On My Own?

Yes, and we still arrange your tours & transfers to and from the hotel.

What Do You Need to Start Your Bookings?

 We need confirmation from your side:

  • The full names of the travelers, and the date of birth of the children just in case you have children.
  • Your international flight details include airline – Flight Number – Date - Time.
  • And a 25% Deposit from the total amount of the tour.

You can read more about How it works.

Is There Any Dress Code on the Cruise?

No, there is not any dress code in Egypt, and feel free to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

What Is the Check-in & Check-out Time on the Nile Cruise?

The check-in is at 14:00 p.m. and the check-out is at 09:00 a.m.

What Are the Check-in and Check-out Times At the Hotel?

The check-in is at 14:00 and the check-out is at 12:00 pm.

Is There An Earlier Check-in At the Hotels & Nile Cruises?

We do confirm that early check-in and late check-out are based on hotels’ availability and they have extra costs.

Food & Drinks Questions?

What Kind of Food Do You Serve?

We have a variety of different meals for Vegetarians and non-vegetarians so feel welcome to enjoy your own taste.

What If I Have A Food Allergy?

You can arrange all your meals directly with your tour guide and let us know in advance to act accordingly.

Do You Offer Gluten-free Good?

Yes, we do confirm there is Gluten-Free food available.

What About Vegetarian Meals?

Also, we provide a lot of Vegetarian meals.

What Are the Traditional Dishes I Need to Try in Egypt?

Most popular Egyptian meals are Ta’ameya (Egyptian Falafel), Ful Medames, Koshari, Kofta, and Shawerma. You can read more information about Egyptian foods & cuisine.

Do You Provide Mineral Water?

Yes, we will provide one bottle of water for each traveler every day.

Is It Okay to Drink from the Taps?

We do not recommend this at all.

Tour Guides Questions?

Who Are Your Tour Guides?

Our Tour Guides are knowledgeable Egyptologist guides with academic qualifications and licenses from the Ministry of Tourism.

What Is the Language Level of the Tour Guides?

We hire only Fluent- language speakers.

What Languages Does Your Tour Guide Speak?

Our tour guides are fluent English/ Italian / Spanish / Portuguese / French/ German/ Russian speakers and you need to advise which language you would like our tour guide to use with you so that we get the best one for you.

Do You Usually Have Bilingual Tour Guides?

Yes, but not always available. So if you have a specific request, please advise in advance to check availability for you.

Is It Possible to Have the Same Guide For the Whole Trip?

Mostly, you will be with a different tour guide at each destination not to increase the cost for you, as the tour guide will need extra transfers, flights, and accommodation.

Payments Questions?

How Can I Pay The Required Deposit?

Once we receive all the required information including your full name and your arrival and departure details, we will send a secured payment link to pay the deposit. You can read more about our Payment Policy.

What Are the Available Currencies to Use For Paying?

You can pay in USD, GBP, or EURO.

How Can I Pay the Remaining Balance?

The remaining balance is to be paid to your tour guide in Egypt upon arrival in cash in USD/GBP/Euro or by your Visa/Master cards with a 3% bank fee.

Can I Pay The Whole Amount In Advance?

Yes, you can pay the total amount in advance with an extra 3% bank fee.

Can I Withdraw From the ATM?

We do confirm you can withdraw any amount from any ATM, you will almost find one in each corner of Egypt.

Can I Pay With My Card Or Have I Paid In Cash All Time?

Yes, you can use your card instead with an extra 3% bank fee.

Is It Safe To Pay Via Your Website?

Yes, as our gateways are secured with SSL certifications and encrypted data.

Logistics & Transportation Questions?

Can We Have A Private Car And Tour?

Yes, we do confirm you can have a totally private tour at extra cost, all you need to do is to advise in advance to check availability and price for you.

What Is The Distance From Cairo To Alexandria?

It takes around 3 hours by car each way.

What Is The Distance From Aswan To Luxor By Train?

It takes 3 hours each way.

What Is The Distance Between Aswan And Abu Simbel By Car?

It takes 3 to 4 hours for each way.

What Is The Distance Between Hurghada And Cairo By Plane?

It takes one hour for each way.

Who Would Meet Us At The Airport And How Can I Recognize Him?

Our representative will be waiting for you inside the terminal at Cairo Airport after the luggage check-in point and before the immigration office holding the sign "Egypt Tours Portal”.

The Tours Questions?

Anything To Keep In Mind While Visiting Abu Simbel?

Abu Simbel requires an early visit, at around 4 am to avoid the hot sun there and the road takes around 3 to 4 hours to drive.

When Usually Do The Day Tours Start And End?

The day tours usually start at around 08:00 am & end at around 04:00 pm.

When Will We Be Visiting The Luxor Temple?

The day tours usually end at around 04:00 pm but to enjoy Luxor Temple at night, you will visit it at around 04:30 p.m. / 05.00 p.m.

Is It A Private Tour?

The tour will be totally private in Cairo. Otherwise, it will be shared regards the day tours and the transfers.

How Much Is Time Spent At Every Attraction?

You can spend as much time as you want at every attraction (can be discussed with your tour guide) keeping in mind if you have a domestic flight.

Can I Add Additional Tours After Confirmation And Paying The Deposit?

Yes, for any additional tours, you can arrange them with your tour guide and pay for them on the spot.

What Are The Abbreviations Within The Itinerary Stand For?

  • B is for breakfast. 
  • L is for lunch.
  • D is for dinner.
  • DBL is for a double room.
  • TRPL is for a triple room.

Contact Questions?

What’s Your Customer Service Number?

You can call us at this number (+20) 100 405 1515 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Egypt time.

Do Whatsapp Calls Work In Egypt?

WhatsApp calls are NOT working properly in Egypt due to a bad connection, so in case of any emergency, we highly recommend direct phone calls.

Is It Helpful To Buy A Sim Card While My Stay In Egypt?

Yes, it will make your tour much easier as you will be able to contact your driver and your tour guide easily and also it gives easier access to the Internet.

Are You Willing To Be Available After Business Hours If Necessary?

Yes, you can call us whenever needed in case of any emergency.

The Visa Questions?

How Can I Obtain The Visa?

It’s a matter of nationality, some nationalities can obtain visas upon arrival and others have to apply for the visa in advance. You can read more about Egypt's travel visa.

Do You Send An Invitation Letter For The Visa?

Yes, we send some default documents for the visa after you confirm booking the tour with us and send us the required deposit.

How Much Is The Entry Visa If I Am Able To Have It Upon Arrival?

It costs 25 USD per person.

Other Questions?

What Is Our Cancellation Policy?

Please click here to know more about our cancellation policy.

What To Pack While Visiting Egypt?

Please click here to know what to pack.

How Is The Tipping In Egypt Work?

Please click here to know more about tipping in Egypt.

What Is The Weather Like In Egypt?

Please click here to know more about the weather.

Can You Work Within A Certain Budget?

Yes, we can work within any and all realistic budgets.

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