Who is King Chephren?

King Chephren is one of the most important kings in Ancient Egyptian History. He is the Son of King Khufu the builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza, He ruled Egypt from 2558 B.Cto 2532 B.Cduring the old kingdom. His name means {the appearing of Ra} He had many wives but his favorite wife was Queen Mereceankh. Heis considered the builder of the 2nd largest Pyramid at the Giza Complex which was built out of limestone each block is about 2 tons. Another important building can be adding to your trip to Egypt is the Valley temple which is located also on the north side of Giza Complex.

The blocks of the Valley Temple are made of Red Granite and it’s still in a very good state of preservation until today. Also, there are big statues of King Chephren has been discovered at The Valley Temple and they are now located at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, those statues are made out from Diorite which is very hard material to carve and all statues are protecting the main deity during the ancient Egyptian period. You will be able to witness the statue of  The Falcon Headed Hours a deity of protection so when you visit the Egyptian Museum you will be able to see these statues displayed on the 1st floor in the Egyptian Museum. Passing through the Valley Temple, you Can Visit another important monument like the Great Sphinx, which is related to king Kefren and can be found in the plateau. The Sphinx is a mythological creature with a body of a lion and a human face and it has been built to guard the area and protect it from tombs of robbers. King Chephren sent many trading expedition to Sinai and Nubia and his reign has ended by his death.

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