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Reasons to Visit Egypt

Reasons to Visit Egypt | Why You Should Travel to Egypt | Egypt Tours Portal

Reasons to visit Egypt are nearly infinite, as every drop of water and every stone across its immortal cities carries a majestic story filled with heavenly allure, excitement, and grandeur. This article's main purpose is to showcase all the information and details that showcase all answers and facts on why to visit Egypt. All the information and details in this article are provided expert and skilled team of tour operators, Tour guides, and travel consultants who have more than a decade of experience across the Egyptian lands and waters. EgyptThe land of Pharaohs” where the great ancient Egyptians wrote the history upon the sands of its lands and everywhere in such a recherché place, you can find showy attractions and landmarks. Egypt is by far one of the safest and most affordable travel destinations in the world where every traveler can easily explore some of the oldest and most enchanting historical and cultural attractions ever built in the history of mankind. From this point, we have to discover the real beauty of its heavenly destinations, here are the reasons that make you eager to visit Egypt:

The First Reason: The Vast History of Egypt

Egypt History - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal
General View of Giza Pyramids

One of the main reasons to visit Egypt is its history that dates back to more than 5000 years because of its Nile River with its amazing fertile lands in addition to the main accomplishments of the first inhabitants of the land. Egypt for hundreds of years has had exceptional attractions starting from Giza Pyramids Complex and to be more specific we have to appreciate the Great Pyramid of Khufu, which stands as one of the first and greatest wonders of the world. King Khufu, the second King of ancient Egypt, who belongs to the fourth dynasty was the one who built this splendid construction as a tomb for himself and his wife. The beautiful limestone that was used in the construction and the effort of the hard workers during the whole of 20 years makes this pyramid one of its kind, a special landmark from very special skilled people.

Alexander the Great, the Macedonian ruler, conquered Egypt in 332 B.C, which brought many achievements to the Egyptian people and lands especially after the establishment of Alexandria city. Egypt was Ottoman until 1867 when Egypt became an autonomous tributary state called the Khedive of Egypt. Modern Egypt was established in 1953. A lot of interesting events happened all through Egyptian history, which gives Egypt a glorious status among other countries.

The Second Reason: The Elements that Made Egypt Immortal

Egypt Inventions - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal
Mummification Process in Ancient Egypt

After mentioning the word “Egypt” or even a visit to Egypt, the first thing that comes to your mind is its title, “The Land of Pharaohs” and this is the main reason for making Egypt a truly gorgeous and unique country. The Great Rulers and Pharaohs of Egypt affected a lot in the history of Egypt from the first dynasty until the establishment of modern Egypt with its unconventional cities and landmarks.

The Grand Constructions of Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians established a great civilization for them with a great heritage and mesmerizing memories. They have built tombs, temples, obelisks, artifacts, and many other invaluable ancient items. Their main target was to prepare themselves for the other life and that was the main reason to construct the great Giza Pyramids with their marvelous structure and techniques.

They had many burial chambers inside arranged with their staff so that when they get back to life again, they find their precious things around whether those things were religious items or treasures of kings and great rulers. There are many ancient Egyptian tombs such as Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Abu Simbel Temples, The Valley Temple, the magnificent Valley of the Kings, Temple Ramesseum, in addition to different mastabas.

The Inventions of the Ancient Egyptians

There are a number of items which the great ancient Egyptians invented to help them in their life before which reflect a great deal of knowledge and development although they didn’t have much experience they taught us a lesson in how to be an inventor while having nothing. They were famous for glass blowing, knowledge of anatomy and medicine, the invention of a calendar, the standardization of measurement, and papermaking from papyrus reeds.

The Mysterious Mummification Process in Ancient Egypt

Just like what we said before that the ancient Egyptians really cared for their afterlife especially kings and Queens so they developed a way to keep the bodies of the mummies safe, which was the majestic mummification process that started in 3500 B.C.

  1. The process of mummification included:
  2. The body was washed and purified in a clever way.
  3. They removed organs but they kept the heart.
  4. They filled the body with stuffing.
  5. Bodied of the mummies were dried and covered with natron
  6. After 40 or 50 days, they replaced the stuffing with linen.
  7. Finally, the body was wrapped in linen and covered in shit.

The Third Reasons: The Egyptian Moderate Climate

Egypt Weather - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal
General View of Cairo City

One of the best reasons to visit Egypt is the climate. Egypt has a hot desert climate but it is actually not so hot and its weather is generally cool for the majority of tourists around the world. In summer, the daytime is somehow hot usually from May to September. It is cool from October to April. In the coastal regions, temperature varies from a maximum of 37° C to a minimum of 14° C. From September to November you may have the best chance to try a desert Safari and witness the real beauty of the lands that surround you. If you are looking for the best time to visit Egypt then the period from February to April and from October to November is your perfect choices.

The Fourth Reasons: The Enchanting Historical Attractions

Egypt Attractions - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal
Ramses II Statues at Luxor Temple

Egypt is the only country whose every inch from it speaks about the great heritage and civilization it consists of so that Egypt tourist attractions also, one of the top reasons to visit Egypt. Tourists come from all around the world to spend an unforgettable time while visiting its attractions and landmarks.

1. Cairo Attractions

Cairo is the capital of Egypt where you can find Coptic and Islamic landmarks accompanied together in a marvelous way. There are many wonderful mosques just like Al-Azhar mosque, Muhammad Ali Mosque, Al-Hakim Mosque, Ibn-Tulane Mosque, Amr Ibn El-As Mosque in addition to many other superb mosques. There are also exceptional churches such as the Hanging Church, the Church of Saint Simon aka the Cave Church, Saint Mary’s Church in Maadi, Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox Church, and the Church of the Virgin Mary. You can also visit the Egyptian Museum where you can discover all about the Egyptian secrets, tombs, mummification process, and more.

2. Giza Attractions

Giza although it is only part of Egypt, there are many irresistible landmarks in this unique destination such as Giza Pyramids Complex with the terrific Sphinx and the Valley Temple, which are all linked together with a very mysterious process that gets back to the days of the ancient Egyptian customs and traditions.

3. Alexandria Attractions

Alexandria “The Bride of the Mediterranean Sea” is a very beautiful city, full of attractions such as Citadel of Qaitbay, the fanciful Library of Alexandria, awesome beaches, terrific shops, and cafés.

4. Luxor &Aswan Attractions

Luxor & Aswan are two very important destinations, which attract a huge number of tourists as they have a mix between all of what is ancient and the cultures of the people in these two cities. To speak about these attractions we need days and nights but to minimize the time we’ll mention some of these attractions starting from Luxor with its terrific Valley of the Kings, Luxor & Karnak Temples, Colossi of Memnon, and Hatshepsut Temple. Aswan is also a mesmerizing Nubian city, where you can find the great High Dam, Abu Simbel Temples, The Unfinished Obelisk, and Philae Temple.

The Fifth Reason: The Tropical Beauty Across the Red Sea

Egypt Resorts - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal
Beach in Hurghada Resort

There are additional resorts on the coast, which tourists really love to go to on their vacations, where they can spend imaginary time with their family or friends, enjoying the beautiful scenes with the perfect service they really deserve. Those resorts are:

Hurghada with its beautiful sandy beaches, nice climate, and astonishing deserts is considered one of the main destinations for tourists. Marsa Alam & El-Gouna are also fantastic coastal resorts where you can practice different activities like riding quad bikes, getting into submarines to discover life underwater. There are many other activities to do like snorkeling and diving with a skilled diver to join the beauty of coral reefs and colorful fish.

The Sixth Reason: The Egyptian Public

Egypt Public - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal
Fruit Trader in Cairo

Egyptians are really good helpful people, who love standing next to anyone who needs help. They have unique food and traditions. There are many classes of the Egyptians just like any other country but the most interesting thing is that all Egyptians love each other, help those who really need help, love spreading their customs & traditions, and most importantly they love learning more and more about the others’ cultures.

The Seventh Reason: Magical Nile River Cruise Between Two Edges of Upper Egypt

Egypt Nile River Cruise - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal
Nile River Cruise Sailing from Aswan to Luxor

In addition to the opportunity of traveling to different destinations in Egypt and learning all about the Egyptian Civilization, there are many activities to be done, the most important among these things is trying a Nile River Cruise. While enjoying the Nile cruise, you will be able to discover the best attractions of Pharaohs located between Luxor and Aswan such as Karnak & Hatshepsut temples, Valley of the Kings, Edfu & Philae temples, and much more.

Why Visit Egypt

Egypt has been considered by far to be one of the best, if not the most ideal travel destinations in the world for a number of reasons, so here is a quick summary of why you should visit Egypt:

  • The ability to have a super diverse and fully complete vacation in the same country.
  • The climate is very delightful, the sun is always shining and the skies are always blue.
  • It’s one of the cheapest and affordable destinations you can travel to.
  • One of the safest travel destinations to travel to and spend a vacation.
  • Year-round sunny beaches.
  • The archaeological beauty and grandeur of the remaining temples, monuments, tombs, and artifacts of the Ancient Egyptian civilization.
  • World-famous museums such as the Grand Egyptian Museum, the National Museum of Egyptian Museum, and more.
  • The last standing Ancient Wonder of the World, the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  • A Magical Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan.
  • Majestic Camping Journey in the Sahara Desert.
  • Disconnecting from the world at an Egyptian ecolodge.
  • Fun Aquatic activities across the red sea such as Scuba diving in some of the world’s very best dive spots.
  • Religious significance for the three holy Abrahamic religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.
  • Ancient whale fossils in the desert area known as Wadi El Hitan.
  • Medical and dental tourism offering Natural treatments and climatic physiotherapy.
  • Delicious foods and cuisines.

Complete the Answer of Why Egypt Worth Visiting

Trips are another way of entertainment in Egypt so pack your bags and travel to different sightseeing in Cairo, Giza Complex, Luxor, Aswan, and the terrific coastal sites in Egypt through our Egypt private holidays. Experience another world at night where you can go to nightclubs where you will enjoy the Egyptian songs while drinking your favorite drinking, singing, and dancing. You also can go to several bazaars to buy gifts, do shopping, and spending an unforgettable time. Don't miss the chance and enjoy one of the trips to Egypt.

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